IT Consultancy & Strategy

Our IT Consultants offer support and guidance to enable your business to implement new and improved IT solutions, software, IT systems, and security measures.

We passionately believe that every business should be utilising technology in the best way. We understand how hard technology is and can be difficult to understand at first. At Palmtech solutions our team of trusted consultants are here to guide you and be there through out the process of getting your business to the top with the help of integrating the best technologies.

We have worked with many start up to medium sized businesses to help them integrate new technologies within their business to help them grow their business and become more profitable. That is our exact goal.

Our consultants are therefore specially trained to explain tricky concepts in plain language, and to base any solutions they might propose entirely on your needs and budget. Whether you have operational problems or you simply need your IT processes to deliver more efficiently, we will listen carefully to your issue, then provide expert support and guidance entirely customised to your situation. If it makes sense, we can also implement most of the solutions we discuss. You will not have to worry about anything technology related again!

Some services we offer:

  • Cloud Computing - If you think you might want to launch into the Cloud but aren’t quite sure how, you can count on us!
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup - Need help determining the right backup solution, or a full-blown disaster recovery plan? We can probably help.
  • Network Services - We consult on all aspects of office network design, configuration and installation.
  • IT Relocation - We can help you to map our your IT relocation plan, or even supervise your entire office move.
  • General IT Consultancy - Having a problem with your new VoIP system, or you DSL isn’t working as it should? Give us a call.

As an IT consulting firm, we are proud to say we use our expert knowledge to recommend best-in-class solutions that are sculpted to your precise requirements. We also take a long-term interest in the IT health of the companies we serve, mapping out strategies for future growth where necessary.

If you’re not happy with the current state of your IT and you’re looking for help to improve it, then contact with one of our friendly consultants today.